Mission Statement

Geechi Vigilantes,     

Our custom threads illustrate the truly individual styles,  fashioned from arduous explores as we narrate the next Culture.



The brand is a culmination of "Geechi", which derives from the Gullah people who are the last descendants of enslaved Africans. Because of our Motherland roots, there is an immense amount of inherent sentiment. In conjunction with an intense heroic influence, "Vigilantes" derive from superheroes who were scolded as Vigilantes by law enforcement & their opponents because they fought injustice using their own beliefs and practices. In the modern day, many are unknowing or simply do not care about their ancestry which leaves themselves either acting as someone they are not and completely devoid of their own identity. Geechi Vigilantes, through the illustration of our threads, are advocates for all to embrace their own personal research to nurture their individual styles, applying them to everyday life and ultimately cultivating the Culture.

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